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    The activity Muyil Forest and Float (archaeological sites, wetland trails, floating in canals); Includes visit and tour to the archaeological site of Muyil as well as walks in the wetland trails in the ejido of Muyil to later arrive at the dock of the lagoon of Muyil Take boat and visit 2 main lagoons Muyil lagoon and Chunyaxche, until you reach a small Mayan temple within the Sian Kaan reserve called Xlapak where at this point we anchor the boats to the dock of the same name Xlapak dock and enter the channels to float in them for about 40 minutes at the end of the tour and arrive back to Muyil. 40 min at the end of the tour and arrive at the dock "Chan muellesito" we return walking along a wooden path over the savannah where we will reach the starting point of the float to take boat and return to the community of Muyil and then take the food


    The Ancient Canal Experience (Totally aquatic tour arrives to the beaches of the Caribbean Sea); It is a tour focused on the ecotourism activity visiting different ecosystems this is done entirely by boat, in this activity we do not walk as in the previous one, We start the activity taking the boat at the Muyil Pier (we will make a tour of three main lagoons) unlike the previous tour where we also perform the activity of floating in the channels only that in this activity after floating we continue by boat to the third Capelchen lagoon where we will have the opportunity to make manatee sighting and crocodile sighting by the bridge of boca paila, then we will reach the beaches of the Caribbean Sea to refresh approx. 20min to return to Muyil.


    The Chewing gum experience: Delve into the jungle and visit a chicle camp, discover one of the ways of life of the Mayan Culture, know the process of making chewing gum, a legacy of our ancestors, fall in love with the turquoise color of the Sian ka'an lagoons, jump in the freshwater channel surrounded by mangroves and 'float into ecstasy', a relaxing experience in contact with nature


    The muyil lagoon and Chunyaxche are the ideal place for kayaking. In the calm waters of the lagoon system, used by the ancient Mayans as part of their trade route. Kayak in the wetlands and discover many beautiful aquatic and terrestrial birds, such as the osprey, herons and others.


    Birdwaching Tour (Birding and Natural History Tour): differente species of bird enriche the impressive landscapes. The Emmerald Hummingbird, the Yucatan Vireo, the Tucan and the turquoise browed motmot are come of thee fascinating fauna you can see at the biosphere. More than 350 species of birds have been seen in Sian Ka'an, including endemic species from the Yucatan Peninsula. Rare species are seen more often Numerous migratory species can also be found here


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